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Coming Clean - Kimberly Rae Miller

First I should say I received this as A Good Read Advance Reader Copy. 

Now on to the book. I really wanted to win this book as I had caught a bit of the interview the author had done on NPR and it seem interesting. 

That How I would categorize this book. Interesting. If you are looking for that story when someone lives through a struggles and comes out the other side a winner. Well this is not it. Now that not to say there is not growth but in the end it seem as nothing was truly resolved and the author left me with the feeling that how life is sometimes, things may not get fixed. 

I think I came away with this feeling since to me the story once adulthood was reached seem the same chapter after chapter.. Personal challenge overcome clean up for bit then fall back into old way. Rinse and repeat.

Still the Author seemed honest and she tells her story nicely and in matter of fact way. 

All in all I felt it was nice book and it took up a few hours with some insight in a world exactly opposite of one I grew up in. Where dirt was the enemy and everything revolved around cleaning and eradicating it.