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Trilogies: 18 sets of short fiction

Trilogies: 18 Sets of Short Fiction - Jerry Guarino I received this book as a Goodreads giveaway.

What I found were a collection of stories grouped in 3's that revolved around a central narrative or subject in different times. The idea was nice and gave the section cohesion.

What I also found were stories that were not quite done or seemed to rushed to a "Ah-HA" moment much to quickly. Sometimes these stories were moving along nicely and then a deus ex machina, idea would just come out of left field leaving me feeling cheated. Sometime I was rather quite enjoying the stories at that point. I really do feel that some of these stories if expounded on and let to grow in their natural state would be truly wonderful stories. All in all not a bad read, it was quick and some will find the grouping an nice way to find their favorite part of the book.

I will keep a eye out for the authors future work