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Her: A Memoir - Christa Parravani As memoir go Christa Parravani, seem to have laid it all out, and it not always pretty, but it is well written. At times the wonderful, sometimes tedious, but general honest. I understand that though this is a story of just one set of twins and can not be applied as a general rule to all twins it seem many stereotypes about twins have do show up.

Can I judge someone story about their life? How to explain "oh yes you are telling a wonderful story" or express "Oh God, no that much to narcissistic." I am not sure I can as this is Her story and it what it is.

"Twins are fun to try to tell apart, but not at a funeral." And that line from this book is before it starts getting really sad. But then for some reason (which I admit I maybe to dense to grasp the point) chapter 28 happens and I reached a point that reading became a drag. Persistence be praised though I was reward with a end that bring the story full circle and left me with a smile.