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Eighty Days: Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland's History-Making Race Around the World - Matthew Goodman A sad fact of life, is that we get books about the =great things that were done. For the most part these people if unlucky get to keep living after that shining moment. And that the sad part of our tale.

First off this is a non fiction book that read faster and more lively then many contemporary novels. The heroes of our story did great things, open up doors and set the world imagination on flames for several months. I loved the narrative, also the photos were great. Works are cited and footnoted and as close to truth as we can get. With a dash of great timing and story flow.

For a book that focus is of a trip around the world it ends with what most people want. Closure. The life after the race. And you know what? Tt was a normal life. Sometime sad, sometimes happy, but mostly normal. That is a wonderful, beautiful thing, normal. It made up of instagram, moments and Facebook check in, but like most of those post we sort of just go ahh and move on. I felt sad at the end to know these heroes were human and once their day in the sun was done, it was done. But I guess like life it the ride that counts and for a brief time, this was the ride of the century.