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Crucible (Star Wars) - Troy Denning I received this as a goodread win for ARC. The last time I read a Star Wars book was around 1996 with [a:Timothy Zahn|12479|Timothy Zahn|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/authors/1215545810p2/12479.jpg] Heir to the Empire. I enjoyed them but never really followed up. So jumping in to this book I wonder if I would be lost. I found I was not it did well enough to explain who and what enough to fill in the picture of how the extend universe had grown.

To me it seemed formalistic. We have the good vs the bad and the epiphany that both are needed to make the universe go round. I never felt the Good guys were never really challenged, hurt yes, but no sense of real danger for our heroes. This is a fun summer read. It the same reason I go to the big summer movies. I go for the big flashy, familiar eye candy that lest you forget about a long day. Will I really remember much of the story a year or so from now. No. I will remember that I had fun reading it and would have no problem recommending it fan of just the movies.