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World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War - Max Brooks A easy summer to get lost in.

I felt the out of order placing of the interview told a more complete story of what happened. Even though there are so many different nationality supposedly telling their version of the zombie war, Mr Brook really presented one long story of uprising, fear defeat and reprisal. The globe trotting was enjoyable and helped inject a true since of global pandemic. Most zombie fare tends to mention a world crisis, but then focus on just one area or groups fight to survive. With his creation of a interview narrative you get plunged into world that was devastated.

This was not some pretty story of mankind rising to greatness with a shinning light of righteousness. These seemed to normal humans still holding on to century of distrust and dislike who scrapped by the skin of their teeth. They did ugly things and they made it and now they have to live with the pain but at lest they have that, sad as it is.