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Maya's Notebook: A Novel - Isabel Allende The love of Family. Sometime people assume that it is in the blood. But the simple truth it is the heart's yearning and accepting that makes family.

We have here a story that is a little all over the place and that okay. Maya is a person who has fallen and a lot of people will ask why? or how? Well she found a way. And it was grizzly and ugly and sad. Maya is a bit to harsh on herself and moving from one thought to another but it fits her.

I enjoyed the world in this book. I have seen a lot of these people, both the good and the bad. I have had family who have lost to addiction and some who are still fighting. The world that Allende writst at time could be vibrant and a bit magical and I enjoyed the travel.

For me Mrs Allende, book hit very close to home. As Maya, my GrandFather was not my biological Grandfather, but he was there for my Dad and Aunt and Uncle from their childhood as he was there from mine. And to this day I retreat to times we spent and the stories he told and the love he had. There were moment in this book that I moved by what Maya was thinking of how she believed in his spirit.

Some of themes that have been covered by the writer are covered again but with a modern twist. And I am glad I visited.