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Death Ain't But A Word - Zander Marks In full discourse I had entered to win but did not and the author still offered me a copy. And I am glad he did.

This was fun read it moved from page to page with a nice smooth flow. No ugly break even as we moved from here to there, moved from this character to that character it just flowed. I think it is common among most of the reviews on this book is it a quick read. That might be one of it best assets it just the right size for story that never loses your interest

We dealing with downside of life here. Killer, drug addicts, Ghosts, and their keepers. To still a quote it is the world outside your window nearly.

One last chance to say goodbye to the one you lost. I think a lot of us wish that wish. Here is one man story of what it did him. Yeah this was a goodread.