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What is the What - Dave Eggers I have been on a [a:Dave Eggers|3371|Dave Eggers|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/authors/1291475855p2/3371.jpg] kick this whole year, playing catch up.
And I have had [b:What Is the What|4952|What Is the What|Dave Eggers|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1328837457s/4952.jpg|3271214] for a while, but was initially hesitant to read as it is a large book and having a small understanding of the plight of “The lost Boys of Sudan” knew that it would be a challenge to read .
And it was a challenge. At times it invade my dreams but also reminded me of the blessing I have. There are true horrors in this book. Children lost and starving,being chased by gunship from their own government. Attacks by Animals. Loss of friends and freedoms, but no permanent loss of hope, no loss of the wonder of what the future can bring. The book was never sad, it was never depressing, it just was. I Like to think that that is how Mr Eggers brings Achak in to this book.

Some notes the whole title of the book is
What Is the What: The Autobiography of Valentino Achak Deng
It is consider a novel. There are few reason for this. First not all the fact can be verified and “By labeling the book a novel, Eggers says, he freed himself to re-create conversations, streamline complex relationships, add relevant detail and manipulate time and space in helpful ways—all while maintaining the essential truthfulness of the storytelling.” Which is a sort of freedom one would need to fill in the gaps and take it from a simple interview to and weave a story
And What a story it was..
Valentino's relay his thoughts and story throughout the book as if talking to friends. Most of these he is telling the story to are people in passing people who never heard a word but he gives his story as one who know he can talk about anything to you his friend and you will not judge you will just listen. .

There has been a lot of good that that come from this book
Mr Eggers gave all the proceeds to Valentino Deng who has launched the
The Valentino Achak Deng Foundationt

The book has been heaped with praise and in my reading I feel it deserve it.